What’s Going On Here?

Perhaps this is your first time visited Used Cars On-Line, or perhaps you have been visiting regularly for the past ten years. You may wonder what is going on here?

Used Cars On-Line is one of the oldest (if not the oldest) places to buy and sell used cars on the Internet. Recently we have decided to make some drastic changes to our service in order to better service our customers.

The first big change is this blog right here. Transparency in organizations is important these days, and we want to be no different. We’ll provide tips on how to buy and sell used cars here, in addition to changes we are working on and taking your suggestions on how to improve the site.

The next big change is that all ads are now FREE, including one photo. The ads will change even more in the coming month, but we’ll save all the details for now. In the meantime, enjoy the free ads! Sure, you may already have an ad somewhere else, but more publicity has never hurt anyone.

Next, we have taken a revolutionary step in the online classifieds world by adding “Scam protection” to our ads. One of the number one complaints we were receiving was about scam artists contacting our customers. Now Used Cars On-Line uses a variety of methods to prevent scamsters from contacting you at all, and flagging the ones that do contact you as scam artists. We are still perfecting the system, but so far we have noticed a dramatic decline in scams.

Finally, you may notice there are no longer “2see.com” domains. 2see Technology, the company behind Used Cars On-Line feels it is better for brand recognition and our customers to keep one consistent domain on the site. Lot’s more news is coming, and some tips on how you can market your car, or find a car on the Internet. Stay tuned, and let us know what you think!