Top 5 Outdoorsy Car Gimmicks

Do you love the outdoors?  When purchasing a used car you probably envision the car next to a campfire and loaded with gear. Car manufacturers know this, and especially during the SUV boom they tried anything to make their car seem the most outdoorsy.  Here are our five bizarre favorites.

  1. Pontiac Aztek – How could we not mention this?  It’s the only car to my knowledge that was designed explicitly for camping.  The car itself becomes a tent! 
  2. Honda CRV – This vehicle had an odd accessory.  A built in, removable picnic table!
  3. Volkswagen Jetta Trek - This was just a Jetta for all intents and purposes, but randomly came with a bike rack and also a Trek mountain bike! 
  4. Honda Element - This car had all kinds of interesting gimmicks, but the removable center console that also was a cooler was definitely a new one.
  5. Nissan Xterra - While this gimmick could potentially be useful, I always thought it was funny they went to the effort of making a distinctive bump on the body to show off the First Aid Kit that comes with the Xterra.