The Rare and Extinct Eagle

Bald Eagle’s had a flirtation with extinction, until the US Government put measure in place to save them.  Shortly after the US Government saved Chrysler, the Eagle brand was born, but unlike the bird, the car brand itself no longer survives today.

Eagle started it’s life as the AMC (also extinct) Eagle, a family sedan made by the American Motor Company.  When Chrysler bought AMC, they also bought the right to use the brand, and in the 90s they decided to spin it out as an affordable brand. Image via

Eagle was badge engineering at it’s finest.  There were no Eagle cars which were truly unique.  Most Eagle’s were simply Mitsubishi’s rebranded, although some were Renaults and Chryslers.

Only one Eagle ever sold well, the Eagle Talon.  I personally like the styling of the Eagle Talon more than the Mitsubishi Eclipse, and it’s no coincidence this was the best selling Eagle which brought some awareness to the brand.  The fad of badge engineering died off in the late 90s, and with it, the Eagle brand.

Today Eagle cars are very rare to find.  Although there is not a lot of love for the brand, it’s certainly worth keeping you eyes open for this rare extinct make.