The Cars of Breaking Bad

The creators of Breaking Bad put lots of subtle details into every aspect of the popular show, which details the downfall of high school chemistry teacher Walter White.  One of the most noticeable for me as a car guy is the characters distinctive vehicles.

Walt’s Pontiac Aztec

Walt's Aztek

A car we’ve already covered here, this was what Walt drove during his original pathetic times.  Missing a hub cap and always in need of a wash, the Pontiac Aztec is now not just synonymous with bad sales, but also meth and New Mexico.

Jesse’s Toyota Tercel

Jesse's Tercel

I originally thought this was a Subaru, not surprising considering it’s a 4WD wagon, however this is actually an old Toyota Tercel wagon.  Both Honda, Toyota and Suzuki brought over 4WD compact cars in the mid 80s, and all of them were only available in wagon form.

Walt’s Chrysler 300

Walt's 300c

Once Walter gets some money and officially transitions to bad ass, his ride becomes a blacked out Chrysler 300.  I guess you don’t need all wheel drive anymore when you’re a bad ass.  With it’s LED lights, this car really does look best in black.

Hank’s Jeep Commander

Hank's Jeep

Although I believe I remember Hank Driving a Ford (Escape?) originally, I couldn’t find info on that anywhere, and now that Dodge sponsors breaking bad, he definitely drives the appropriate Commander.  A powerful looking vehicle, with both performance, size and utility.

Gus’s Volvo V70

Gus's Volvo

The perfect car if you are trying to maintain a legit outward appearance, while still having utility and some performance.  Great for hauling supplies to Pollos Hermanos or a meth lab.