Resources for Used Car Shopping

Even though Used Cars On-Line is a great resource for searching for used cars for sale by owner and dealer, there are many other invaluable resources out there for the used car buyer.

Pricing Research

  • Edmunds - This is by far my favorite site for research on pricing. Instead of just giving flat blue book values, Edmunds offers a “True Market Value” appraisal of your car that I’ve found much more accurate then traditional blue books
  • Kelley’s Blue Book - Speaking of traditional blue books, Kelley’s is still worth referencing. This is what most loan officers and the DMV will use to appraise your vehicle.

Background Research

  • Carfax - It almost goes without saying that Carfax should be used to check any car you buy. While you cannot rely solely on this to determine if a vehicle has been in an accident (lots of people keep accidents off the books), it’s a good start.


  • Credit Check - Before applying for any loan, you should apply for a credit check to make sure your credit report is clean.

After Buying

Do you have other resources you use? Let us know!