The PT Cruiser

When the first PT Cruiser rolled off the assembly line in 2000, it was the retro-styled, trendy hatchback to have. But a mere nine years later, production halted and the Cruiser is now a nearly forgotten vehicle that you pass occasionally on the highway.

For used car buyers, it’s a great deal.

Styled after a 1930s gangster getaway car, you can almost picture yourself in a tailored suit and fedora when you’re behind the wheel of the small, but surprisingly roomy PT Cruiser.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

The back seats fold down and so does the front passenger seat, giving you plenty of room to haul the family Christmas tree.

The typical PT Cruiser is a four-door wagon that was in production from model year 2001 until 2010. For three years in the middle, the PT also came as a two-door convertible, but it wasn’t quite sporty enough to stick around.

The four-door wagon, however, was a sensation when it first came into production. In 2001, it won North American Car of the Year and made the Car and Driver magazine Ten Best list. It was stylish, quirky, dependable, and affordable with an MSRP under $20,000.

It does have a few drawbacks though, the fuel economy isn’t great for it’s class, but it does do better than larger vehicles. And though it may have been styled like a getaway car, the acceleration leaves something to be desired.

But its relative unpopularity and the fact that it’s only been out of production a couple of years mean there are plenty of PTs to choose from right now. If you want something useful, used, and unique – the PT Cruiser is your car.

And finally, what does PT stand for? Personal Transport. How convenient, that’s exactly what we want.