Pothole Season – Be Prepared

It’s about that time of year, where if you live in the area of the country where there is a freeze/thaw cycle that potholes are going to appear.   Potholes can be anywhere from an inch to a sinkhole big enough to swallow your car, we want to get you prepared to have minimal damage to your car.

Here’s how to be ready for the potholes this year:

  • Pay Attention – This is the most important part.  During pothole season you can’t afford to zone out.  Don’t talk on your cell phone, and especially at night, keep scanning the road for any signs.  Drive a little slower if possible.  Try not to drive to the far right of any lane.  Be ready to switch lanes at a moments notice, or slow down.Severe Pothole
  • Check Your Spare Tire – Make sure you have a spare tire and everything needed to change it in your trunk.  Also check to make sure that tire is inflated and can hold air.
  • Put on Cheaper Rims – Modern, large 18″ rims will get completely destroyed in a pothole.  If you live in an area with bad potholes, the odds are you have a lot of snow too.  Kill two birds with one stone by putting snow tires on cheap steel rims.
  • Center the Pothole – Often it’s better to get the pothole between the tires of your car then trying to swerve around.  It’s easy to accidentally dip a back tire into the pothole, and swerving into the other lane can often be unsafe if you do it suddenly.

Also remember to call potholes into your municipality.  You pay taxes to get them fixed after all!