Legacy Names for Things in Your Car

Despite all their modern tech and conveniences, cars are largely the same thing they were over 100 years ago.  It may not seem like it, but some of the names we still use today are dead giveaways.

Image via http://www.flickr.com/photos/21612624@N00/7633228676/in/photolist-cCwhWY-7E1jov-8hAzN2-7WVYob-adxiF4-e7uxHi-8TWAX1-8TTCHk-8XA9Tz-e9qoD8-7WVYYJ-7WVZgU-7WVYFA-9QhZgU-9Qfcyt-8cBWTu-8cyCRz-8cBX9L-9Qfex8-9Qfh4H-9QfaY8-9Qfe6g-9Qi7dy-9QhZWY-adxi3V-9Qi2Qb-9QffeH-8cyAZk-adxj4z-9x3NfW-9wZMoM-9x3MPW-9x3MtU-9wZMeK-9wZMBD-9wZLk6-9x3NsS-9x3y8L-9wZLbz-9x3Lry-9x1juK-9x3LY3-bRqLQz-8D7ZR4-7xRha7Glove Compartment – When was the last time you stored gloves here?  Most cars were driven with gloves in the early days.  Imagine having to get under your car and crank it.  Also, most cars were open top or exposed to air in some way, so this kept your fingers warm.

Trunk – When you go away for a weekend, you use a large metal trunk right?  No?  That’s where the name for this came from.  Old cars used to have a place to just strap your traveling trunk to the back.  Imagine what a great feature it was to have the “trunk” built-in.

Honking the Horn – When you press down on your steering wheel today, something morn akin to a electric buzzer occurs.  In the olden days you’d actually have a horn to “honk”.

Dashboard – Words like this seem so commonplace we forget their original meaning.  But have you ever heard the song “Dashing through the snow”?  That’s what a “dash board” originally was.  On sleds and carriages, it prevented you from getting hit from debris that dashed upon your vehicle.

Cars have came a long way, but we’re still using terms from the 19th century when we hop in our Toyota Camrys.