Five Reasons Used Cars Are Better Than New

Once, buying a used car was just what you did if you couldn’t afford a new car. That’s not necessarily so these days. While new cars have their benefits like being able to custom order what you want and knowing that it’s fresh from the manufacturer, but the benefits of buying used may outweigh those. Here are five great reasons to choose a used car.

Used Cars are Better Than New

  1. Better bargains. Used cars cost less. They’ve got a few miles on them and they’ve been around the block a few times, but for the money you’ll save that’s no big deal. When buying used, prices are often softer than new and you’ll be able stretch your dollar further. If you need a big car for your family or want a lot of options like a top of the line stereo but can’t afford that as a new car, you’ll likely be able to afford it in the used car market – even among newer used cars that are less than three years old.
  2. Save on insurance. Usually, insurance costs are higher for a new car of the same model sold used. Buy used, get a lower rate quote, simple as that.
  3. Less depreciation. The moment you drive a new car off the lot it loses value. A car doesn’t offer the same kind of an investment a home does, it will continue to lose value over time. But if you’ve purchased a used car, then you’re already paying less and your loss over time will be less, too, because you didn’t start at the higher, brand new price.
  4. Convenience of purchase. You can buy a used car anywhere:, a dealership, your next door neighbor’s driveway…the selection of used cars and where to purchase them is endless. You can purchase a car when and where you’re most comfortable.
  5. Reliability. Consider the value of a new car between one and three years old – it still runs like new but without all the bugs the manufacturer may not have worked out on the first pass. A slightly used car likely has had all those little things fixed from recalls for air conditioner components to a lemon of a stereo in an otherwise great car. A slightly used car also still runs well and will for years to come if properly maintained.