Christmas Gifts for Your Car

So you’ve been checking your lists twice, you’ve got presents for the parents, the kids, the dog and the rest of the family. But what about that dependable member of your family that you can always count on to give you a lift? If you’re not getting your car a gift this Christmas, you should really think about buying a little something for the part of your household where you most likely spend countless days in every year.

But what can you get for your car? You don’t have to spend a lot to make it happy!

First of all, this is the time of year where a used car’s arch-nemesis,¬†rust¬†likes to creep in. One of the best ways to prevent rust is to wash your car often. Yes, washing a car is not just about impressing the neighbors, when roads are covered with salt, it’s important to get that salt off of your car as soon as possible. Try to find a car wash that offers an under-carriage spray, which is where salt likes to get caked up.

There’s only one part of your car that touches the road, and that’s the tires. You don’t often think about this part of the car, but this Christmas check your car’s tire pressure, as cold air typically requires you to add some air to your tires. Check the tread, and get your car new tires if it’s looking bare, it deserves them!

You’ve seen the Lexus commercials where someone gets a new car in their driveway with a big bow. You don’t need a new car for that new car feeling! Get your car detailed and a tune-up, and it will feel like it’s new again.

Take your car somewhere nice. Cars perform well in cold weather (once they warm up), take your car for a nice ride in the country. Check out Christmas lights in the city, and Christmas morning don’t forget to start the car so it know’s it’s part of the family too.