China is the New Largest Market for Cars

Motor Trend had an interesting op-ed piece talking about how China is the new largest market for cars, and how their rules will dictate what cars look like in America (in the same way that America, as the largest dictated how many cars worldwide were created in the past).

Most people probably see this as a sign that the US empire is waning. That may be true, but I also see a great new opportunity. China’s more rigorous specifications for cars will bring a new type of vehicle to the states. As Motor Trend points out, China taxes by cubic liters, which means we could start to see some super efficient 2.0 liter Buicks instead of the 4.0L gas guzzlers of the past.

Of course for Used Cars On-Line, the main interest is the used car market in China. I have not heard a whole lot about reliability of Chinese market cars, but supposedly Chinese customers are very demanding (they must wonder why we spec out such shoddy crap for them to produce for us).