A New Way to Search for Used Cars

Look at most of the car sites on the Internet and what do you see when you search?



These ubiquitous search criteria assume that our entire car search comes down to such a narrow choice. We recently performed a survey of car buyers asking them what they are looking for. The answers usually came back as “an SUV under $10k”, or “a four door”. Those poor buyers must have to perform quite a lot of individual searches to find a car. It also means people need to know more about cars then they should. Should a person know every car company that produces an SUV? I’m a car guy and I don’t think I could even tell you definitively.

Here’s how we’ve attempted to solve this problem. If you visitUsed Cars On-Line now, you’ll see a new link next to the traditional “Make/Model” search. This link, which we are calling “Exploration search” allows you to search for a car in a new way. You can search by number of doors, type of vehicle, or even just every car within 50 miles of you that costs under $5,000! We hope this change makes your search for the perfect used car just a little easier.