4 Movies That Will Get You Excited About Used Cars

There are lots of car chase movies out there with hot exotic cars, but let’s face it, you’ll never afford one of those (or maybe it’s just not practical).  If you are in the market for a used car, don’t despair, here are a few movies that will get you psyched about an older car.Photo via http://www.flickr.com/photos/daveseven/4785279464/in/photolist-8hRNSm-8i99is-aizHmA-cgrby7-8kmv8X-8kpFGo-atoV1V-9Jcyjf-9J9HTt-8N3whp-8N3vWZ-94wsJg-aS182g-efcBom-ef6X2a-dcsbMH-8i98YW-dXkKXf-dXkK4W-8twM7Q-8ttLzp-a4KM8G-8PmKZU-aGyypn-9ahaQn-9akjib-9tKG3T-9tRu4s-dGh2yq-cGfXiA-cGfY1C-dGh1yy-bTVTTp-99Sjyi-99VsDW-99SjwT-dDrwfL-bVWRXm-bVWSt9-9tzcHN-7W1de1-cc1rus-bUUNRJ-bUUNiC-8h9bKL-cHQEJq-atrziu-bpi7qf-eG3itJ-eFWfXc-eFW9hp/lightbox/

The Fast and The Furious

Yes, these are all tuned up cars, but just seeing people drive a 95 Honda Civic in an exciting chase scene will give your commute a little more cool factor.  The movie has a loose plot about a gang and a cop, but really it’s just an excuse to show all sorts of cool racing scenes, mostly with ordinary Japanese and American cars.


Although when the movie came out, most of the cars used were pricey, today almost all of them are available for under $10k.  If you like European cars (Peugeot, Audi, BMW), you’ll enjoy these chases through the streets of Paris.  It’s fun seeing ordinary cars (albeit S-edition Audi’s, and M-Edition BMWs) whipping around with emergency brake maneuvers.  It also has some loose plot that escapes me now.

Initial D

The star of this Japanese animation is a 1985 Toyota Corolla.  Lots of other older Japanese cars make an appearance as well.  The TV Show/Movie focus on the drift racing culture that started in Japan in the 90s.  Car geeks will love all the discussions about FF (Front engine, front wheel drive) vs FR (front engine, rear wheel drive) cars, and LSDs (limited slip differentials) with ABS (anti-lock brakes).

Gone in 60 Seconds

Both the original 70s one and the 90s one are worth mentioning, because many of these once exotic cars are cheap as used cars now (although some are worth even more as collectables!).  The plot involves having to steal as many cars as possible, so these movies get extra points just for their variety.

What’s your favorite movie involving used cars?